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My response to COVID-19

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It took something surreal and life changing to post on the blog today.

I would like to share with you what I am doing, as a reed maker in response to COVID-19.

In addition to keeping my hands washed and regularly sanitized, I am wiping down the surface area that I work at as well as tools with disinfecting wipes.

I am also sanitizing finished reeds with alcohol and rinsing them in hot water. I then allow them to dry and package them as usual in shipping vials.

The shipping vials have been ventilated with holes on both ends of the container. These vials are not recommended for long term use with your reeds. A proper reed case is recommended.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the preparation of your reeds. And, if you would like your reeds sanitized in a different way, or not at all, I'll comply with your request.

Thank you! Your trust in my product is the most important part of our business together.  Stay healthy!

All the best, 





Making an oboe reed by hand!

Are you considering making your own oboe reeds?  I've made a video to show the making of an oboe reed from bamboo to oboe.  I hope you enjoy it and please leave any questions you may have in the comments at our YouTube channel or via email.  All the best,Heidi

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Tip Definition

Hello!  During the end of summer there were opportunities to work on the details here at HBOR.  Those details have been shared on our YouTube channel, HB Oboe Reeds LLC in a new video platform.  The first reed making video is focused on the detail of the tip.  I will continue the video series with [...]

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The latest in all things oboe!

The IDRS Conference was fantastic!  Attendees were able to hear the best of the best in oboe performance, compositions, see the latests in instruments and tools and make a good haul at the many exhibits. It is an opportunity to indulge and be submerged in the double reed world for a few days.We were able [...]

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Are ya goin', er no?

Hey der!  We're goin' to the IDRS Conference at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin next week and will be shootin' some video footage of the week to share for those who won't be able to be there.  We hope you tune in - to A440 please. :0) Looking forward to sharing the week with you!! [...]

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Spring Brings Free Shipping!

Well, it doesn't seem as if the blog is taking on a life of its own.  Blogs are good.  Blogs are a challenge.The news this month of March - nearly over - is that HBOR is shipping for free all orders 100.00 or more throughout spring!Shipping lead times are always in question though very often [...]

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August Savings!

After Independence Day celebrations, and the National Conventions, the patriotism continues through August with the Summer Olympics!  Considering the similarities of discipline between athletes and musicians we're celebrating and cheering our team on with an August special of free shipping with any order $50.00 or more. (discount automatically applied at checkout) GO USA !Thank you for your continued business!All the best,Heidi 

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Summer Specials

Summer is the best time of year!  There are some new products added to the catalog as well as a new look for the Reed Making Kit.  We've added a few accessories to the kit and hope you find it useful.  Please continue to share your needs and we'll do our best to meet them throughout the [...]

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Hooray! 2016 is here!

Beautiful sound is where it's at.  We would like to help with that beautiful sound.  Those who are local to the Chicago area can make an appointment to stop in and see our selection of reeds and pick out the best ones for you.  Please call ahead as we wouldn't want to miss you!Those ordering [...]

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Student Reed Knife

An exceptional knife has been added to our selection.  We have been working with Jende Industries to provide a knife that has the edge expected in a quality knife without the intimidation of a professional level knife. The blade we chose produces a very nice edge for the beginner and intermediate reed maker. It is [...]

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